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I am tired of the deluge of pro-“Palestinian” memes and propaganda on social media that are coming from those who call themselves progressives, liberals or leftists.

As usual, critical thinking is missing.

It is important to separate lies from facts.

First of all, the Gaza problem should not be conflated with the West Bank problems. The so-called Palestinian “government” in Ramallah has lost its control over Gaza to terrorist organization Hamas several years ago. Like Somalia, Gaza is run by warlords whose only goal is to engage in violence with no objectives for winning. They know they cannot win. They just continue their reign of terror to make themselves martyrs and while at it, dragging as many kids and women down to hell with them. “Palestine” is a failed state that cannot even maintain its own law and order. Israel does not consider Hamas a subject of diplomacy. America does not engage in diplomacy or negotiate with al-Qaeda. Why should Israel reason with evil terrorists?

Secondly, there is one easy, simple solution to end this all, and that is for Hamas to stop its criminal acts. The ball is entirely in their court. It is up to Hamas to make a choice. In light of the Hamas terror and crime, the Israeli government and military have exercised an extraordinary restraint and compassion. There are 60 or so underground tunnels Hamas had dug under the buffer walls. Hamas has hidden rockets and bombs in civilian facilities such as schools and hospitals, as well as under private homes and on the roofs of apartment buildings — and uses children as human shields. When North Korea tried to infiltrate South Korea by secret tunnels, the U.S. and R.O.K. military destroyed the tunnels. When the U.S. Homeland Security found tunnels under the borders from Mexico and Canada, used for drug and arms trafficking, the U.S. government took appropriate law enforcement actions. It is every country’s sovereign prerogative to defend itself and its people from those who seek harm. 

Finally, those who purport to be progressive and liberal must oppose Islamic extremism, which runs counter to every value they claim to uphold. Unlike Christianity and Judaism, Islam has never undergone enlightenment. The Islamic religion still operates under the culture and values of the 7th century Middle Eastern desert tribalism. What Hamas and other Islamists advocate, there is nothing compatible with Western civilization. It makes no sense for feminists to stand with Gaza, when Hamas is forcing a regime of Islamic theocracy, which is an epitome of ultra-patriarchy unthinkable even by the ultraconservative Western imagination. It certainly is not a matter of racial justice, either, as it is Hamas that promotes a virulent form of xenophobia which treats Jews as subhumans or worse. 

The State of Israel remains the only Western-style democracy in Asia west of India. It was founded by secularists such as David Ben-Gurion and Theodore Herzl and as such, religious pluralism, multiculturalism and tolerance have always been part of Israel’s history. Israelis do not bomb mosques or churches, but Islamists persecute Christians and burn down churches (Mosul is yet another example of Islamic religious intolerance). Nobody is executed in Israel for being a member of religious minority, being “immodest,” or being gay or lesbian (Israel is the only truly safe place for LGBTQ people in Asia, save Hong Kong and Taiwan — and to a lesser extent South Korea and Japan). In “Palestine” and other Islamist regimes, they are routinely harassed, violated, beaten up, whipped and even executed. Even though there are ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel, no women in Israel are forced into covering up their faces or heads, and non-practicing Jews do not encounter violence (a large percentage of Israeli Jews are secular). 

I am perplexed as to why anyone with a Western conscience and value would side with the terrorists of Gaza. Perhaps much of this phenomenon is related to the post-modern disease of moral relativism, in which “oppressed people” are somehow immune from moral responsibilities (which, by the way, is highly patronizing and even racist/classist, as it assumes falsely that the “oppressed people” are also incapable of morality). According to this ideology, the “oppressed people” possess no agency, and therefore anything they do should be blamed on other, “privileged” class of people. Using this argument, Hamas becomes “oppressed” victims of the “privileged” U.S. and Israel. Race card is played endlessly as progressives cast Hamas as Blacks in search for liberation, or as aborigines trying to defend their home from colonization. In the progressive parallel world, if you are oppressed you can get away with anything, even murders and crimes against humanity. So much for equality!

What Hamas does is inexcusable. 

There is only one way to end the tragedy in Gaza, and that is entirely up to Hamas to stop engaging in terrorism. Then, and only then, Israel will end its military engagement.

It’s time for Israel to terminate the Oslo Accord, and resume its exercise of sovereignty and direct political control over West Bank and Gaza. The PLO, Fatah and Hamas have proven to be incompetent in conducting themselves peacefully. It will be for the good of the Arab residents there to receive the benefits of Israeli citizenship, just as the Arab Israelis in other parts of Israel have for many decades.

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Things Tumblr should learn

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You got tied up swinging last night? That’s great! (SE 30th & Salmon) / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1dFXNmx


You got tied up swinging last night? That’s great! (SE 30th & Salmon) / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1dFXNmx

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